Google is after your phone number. Protect your privacy.

YouTube has mandated that if you wish to create a new account, you must supply them with your cell phone number. But this isn’t the first time Google went after your privacy. Read this article:

Google maintains a lifetime cookie that expires in 2038, and records the user’s IP address. But more recently it has begun to integrate services which record the user’s personal search history, email, shopping habits, and social contacts. After first promising not to tie its email service to its search service, Google went ahead and opted its users in anyway. It’s all part of CEO Eric Schmidt’s promise to create a “Google that knows more about you”.


Make no mistake: Big Brother is after your phone number. Did you know that
Google works with the NSA
and advertisers to track, categorize, and profile every action every person makes online? The motivations for this ‘SMS Verification’ are clear: put a name tag on all the personal data collected.  Suppose you were to upload a video with a copyrighted song to YouTube and the RIAA requested the identity of the uploader. Or suppose you upload a video from a G20 protest, an anti-Obama video, or any video exposing the New World Order. Traditionally Google would have to request your ISP to release personal information about you, and ISPs are very reluctant to do that unless you’ve committed a serious crime like fraud or child porn. But once Google has your phone number, all Google will have to do is run a simple background check to get all of your personal information without either your or your provider’s permission. And don’t think Google will hesitate to sell you out to make an extra buck. Isn’t that sweet?

Google says the SMS verification is for your protection in case you lose your password, but what happens if your account gets hacked? THE HACKER WILL BE ABLE TO OBTAIN YOUR PHONE NUMBER! Scary thought.

Fortunately, there is a loophole is the SMS verification process that Google doesn’t want you to know about. That’s right: you can still make YouTube and Gmail accounts without forking over your cell phone number and without spending a dime.

Download SMS Verification Bypass Guide

This guide is free, but you will have to complete a short survey to download it (don’t worry, you can use fake info). If you need help with the survey read
. Hurry up before this loophole is discovered and closed!

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